Zebeta (Bisoprolol)
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Product description: Zebeta is a beta-blocker which is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) by blocking the action of certain natural chemicals in your body such as epinephrine on the heart and blood vessels.
Active Ingredient: Bisoprolol
Zebeta as known as: Antipres, Avecor, Azopsin, Beta-one, Bicor, Bilocor, Bilol, Biprol, Bisacardiol, Biscor, Biselect, Biso, Bisoaps, Bisobel, Bisoblock, Bisocard, Bisoce, Bisocor, Bisogamma, Bisogen, Bisolol, Bisomerck, Bisop, Bisopine, Bisoprololi fumaras, Bisoprololum, Bisostad, Bisotate, Bivaxol, Blocatens, Cardensiel, Cardicor, Cardiloc, Cardiocor, Cincor, Concor, Concore, Congescor, Corbis, Corectin, Corentel, Coviogal, Detensiel, Docbisopro, Emcolol, Emcor, Euradal, Hapsen, Isoten, Jutabis, Kordobis, Lostaprolol, Luke, Lybrol, Mainheart, Mainries, Mainrol, Maintate, Maintowa, Meitat, Metolomain, Monocor, Orloc, Pactens, Pluscor, Pramatate, Prebloc, Rivacor, Rivocor, Sequacor, Soprol, Well-bi

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