Colospa (Mebeverine)
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Product description: Colospa is a potent antispasmodic drug used to treat symptoms of primary and secondary irritable colon and other specific and non-specific inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract
Active Ingredient: Mebeverine
Colospa as known as: Arluy, Bevispas, Colese, Colofac, Colopriv, Colospas, Colospasmin, Colotal, Doloverina, Duspamen, Duspatal, Duspatalin, Duspatin, Duspaverin, Evadol, Evarin, Gastromins, Irbosyd, Iriban, Manil, Mave, Meberine, Mebetin, Mebeverin, Mebeverina, Mebeverinum, Mebeverixx lyssia, Meditoina, Medoverine, Menosor, Meva, Meverine, Rostil, Rudakol, Spasmerin, Spasmonal, Spasmopriv, Spasmotalin, Verimed, Verine, Veron

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