Trental (Pentoxifylline)
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Product description: Trental is used to treat chronic circulation disorders of the arms and legs, such as intermittent claudication (peripheral arterial disease) or ulcers.
Active Ingredient: Pentoxifylline
Trental as known as: Agapurin, Angiopent, Artal, Artelife, Chinotal, Circulaid, Claudicat, Damaton, Dartelin, Difusil, Dospan-pento, Duplat, Durapental, Elorgan, Fixoten, Flexital, Hatial, Hemovas, Herden, Kentadin, Kinetal, Lentrin, Nelorpin, Oxifyl, Oxkine, Oxopurin, Oxpentifylline, Pentamon, Pentilin, Pentoflux, Pentofyllin, Pentoksifilin, Pentolab, Pentomer, Pentox, Pentoxifilina, Pentoxifyllin, Pentoxifyllinum, Pentoxil, Pentoxin, Pentoxyl-ep, Peridane, Perivax, Pexal, Pexol, Platof, Probifen, Rentylin, Reotal, Retimax, Sufisal, Tarontal, Tioxad, Tirentall, Torental, Trenat, Trenlin, Trentilin, Trentox, Trenxy, Vantoxyl, Vasofyl, Vasonit, Xipen

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