Capoten (Captopril)
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Product description: Capoten is ACE inhibitor which is used to treat hypertension, congestive heart failure, kidney problems caused by diabetes, and to improve survival after a heart attack.
Active Ingredient: Captopril
Capoten as known as: Ace-hemmer, Acediur, Acenorm, Aceomel, Acepress, Aceprotin, Aceril, Acetab, Aceten, Acetor, Actopril, Adocomp, Adocor, Alkadil, Angiopril, Angiten, Apopril, Bidipril, Brealin, Brucap, Capace, Capdon, Capobal, Capocard, Capomil, Caposan, Capotec, Capotril, Capozide, Caprine, Captace, Captea, Captensin, Capto comp, Capto-puren, Captobeta, Captoflux, Captogamma, Captogen, Captohasan, Captohexal, Captol, Captolin, Captophar, Captopin, Captopren ag, Captopress, Captoprilan, Captoprilum, Captor, Captoretic, Captoruna, Captosina, Captosol, Captospes, Captostad, Captotec, Captowa, Captozid, Captral, Cardiagen hct, Cardopril, Catoplin, Cesplon, Co-captopril genericon, Cor tensobon, Corocalum, Couren, Cregar, Debax, Dexacap, Dilabar, Doccaptopri, Dosturel, Dotorin, Dowpril, Ecadiu, Ecaten, Ecazide, Empirol, Enlace, Epsitron, Eukaptil, Europril, Farcopril, Farmoten, Fetylan, Gamapril, Garanil, Geroten, Hipertex, Hipertil, Hipotensil, Hypotensor, Hypotensyl, Jucapt, Jutacor comp, Kapril, Kaptopril, Kaptoprils, Kaptoril, Kapuseal, Katonaplon, Katopil, Katopril, Kenolan, Kobapril, Kokapto, Ktplon, Lopirin, Metopril, Miniten, Nolectin, Normolose, Odupril, Omapril, Onfrule, Otoryl, Pertacilon, Properil, Redupres, Rilcapton, Rilsan, Ropril, Sancap, Scantensin, Tabulan, Tenpril, Tensicap, Tensil, Tensiomin, Tensobon, Tensoprel, Tensopril, Tensoril, Tensostad, Topril, Vapril, Varaxil, Vasostad, Venopril, Zapto, Zorkaptil

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