Pletal (Cilostazol)
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Product description: Pletal is used to improve the symptoms of a certain blood flow problem in the legs (intermittent claudication).
Active Ingredient: Cilostazol
Pletal as known as: Aggravan, Aitant, Alista, Antiplat, Artesol, Cebralat, Cibrogan, Ciletin, Cilodac, Cilosinamin, Ciloslet, Cilosmerck, Cilost, Cilostal, Cilostate, Cilostazolum, Citaz, Ecbarl, Ejennu, Fantezole, Flenied, Gront, Hordazol, Ilos, Ilostal, Kortrythm, Licuagen, Naletal, Opetarl, Platemeel, Plestazol, Pletaal, Pletamiran, Pletmol, Pletoz, Policor, Prelazine, Qital, Ranomin, Rotazona, Stazol, Stiloz, Trastocir, Trombonot, Vasogard, Zocil

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